Café de Paris is located in the center of Amsterdam. The venue shows the characteristics of a typical original build warehouse in Amsterdam. Café de Paris has a bar, lunchroom and a restaurant. So you will be part of a big group of people if u join our team. If u are interested please mail: 

We are looking for a full time restaurant manager and a assistent restaurant manager. For in the kitchen we need a cook and a sous-chef.

Assistant restaurant manager (full-time, part-time)

As the assitant of the restaurant manager, you will support the restaurant mangager were he/she needs it. When the manager is not around, you will be the main contact all the questions and have to be able to take over the daily managers tasks.  


  •          Ability to supervise subordinate staff (take over when the manager is not around)
  •          Evalutating service and taking disciplinary action when necessary
  •          Responseble for orderliness and a good hygene 
  •          Being a host/hostess, welcome the guest and taking care of (possible) complaints
  •          Active co-operation during dinner


  •          Decent and neat
  •          Sense of responsibility
  •          Can work independedly but also in a team
  •          Good communication skills 
  •          Capacity to be a leader
  •          Flexibel and stress resistant
  •          Focusses on fixing problems


Line cook (full-time, part-time)

As a line cook you will support our kitchen staff team. The position is open for full-time of part-time. 


  •          Compliance of the regulations of the kitchen
  •          Mise en Place, prepare dishes, present 
  •          Ensuring proper food safety and sanitation standards to ensure guest safety
  •          Coordinating food orders to support timely and efficient delivery to each table
  •          Following recipe and presentation guidelines to meet or exceed guests’ expectations


  •          Team-oriented, fast-paced and guest-centric attitude
  •          Desire to make our guest happy
  •          Focusses on fixing problems
  •          Flexibel and stress resistant