Because of the large space available, there is room for plenty of possibilities when it comes to venue options. Due to the separations within the building, there are multiple venues under the same roof including but not limited to, the Café, Metropolitain, and Nes. The options of finding a perfect venue at Café de Paris is hereby increased.


 The dinner menu corresponds to every season, so it serves the freshest products available. Classical French dishes like Côte de Bœuf and escargots are on the menu but there are also other options to choose from such as vegan and pasta dishes. The restaurant has enough room to set up big tables. Due to the balcony on the first floor the large space does not loose his intimite feel.

Dance and drinks

 Drinks and snacks are abundantly available in our rich café, including a cocktail bar. On thursday till Sunday a DJ will provide the music! There is enough space to have a party for you and your guests.


Privat party's are possible at Café de Paris. The space that Metropolitain serves lunch everyday can evolve into a dancing area. We can set up de DJ-booth and the discolights. This space has its own bar where you can get your drinks from the bartender.