Café de Paris is a perfect spot for those who admire the elegance of the french dinner and who love a good drink with a little dancing. The monumental building with entrances on both Nes (Restaurant) and Rokin (Cafè and Metropolitain) has a bright classical French feel with an industrial but warm and welcoming vibe.

Because of the large space available, there is room for plenty of possibilities when it comes to venue options. Due to the separations within the building, there are multiple venues under the same roof including but not limited to, the Café, Metropolitain, and Nes. The options of finding a perfect venue at Café de Paris is hereby increased.

Drinks and snacks are abundantly available in our rich café, including a cocktail bar. The dinner menu corresponds to every season, so it serves the freshest products available. Classical French dishes like Côte de Bœuf, escargots, and onion soup are on the menu but there are also other options to choose from such as vegan and pasta dishes.

Our chef welcomes guests for dinner starting at 6 o’clock pm. If an aperitif is desired, the guest is welcome in the café which is open everyday beginning at 5 o’clock pm. During the day, Metropolitain is open for beverages and lunch. As soon as the sun sets, food and beverages can be enjoyed on the terrace.

À bientôt